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About clusterfuc.

Clusterfuc...a phrase that either makes people smile and laugh, or shake their head in disapproval. Clusterfuc started as a way to share my photography. However I didn’t know exactly the content I wanted to create, but knew I didn’t want to feel limited. Nor did I want to put my what some people refer to as “blunt” personality on the back burner.

For a long time I have kept myself mostly anonymous, or at least tried to. At first it was because I didn’t know what would come of clusterfuc. Then as I fell in love with automotive photography, knowing it’s a male dominated industry, I knew immediately I didn’t want to be known as just a female in the automotive world. I want to be known and valued for the merit of my work However, now feels like the time to introduce myself.

Here we go, I am Katelyn Brozovich, but you can still call me clusterfuc. Based in southeastern Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. I have been doing photography on and off for over a decade now. Having received Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards for a digital photograph and portfolio in 2009, both gold keys. I enjoy capturing memories in the making, the ordinary beauty in life that most people don’t pay attention too. Given that I have always had a love for cars, yes this is what you will primarily see. However there are many other subjects I shoot and want to shoot. If you have an idea, reach out and we can try to make it happen!! Part of Clusterfuc is that the opportunities are endless, anything is possible! (... almost...this shits expensive y’all)


Some may agree with what’s coming next, but most fellow photographers likely won’t. Which is fine because the beauty of art is that it’s all subjective personal opinion. You’ll undoubtedly notice that there is not always a consistent style in my work. I believe that the style of the piece should build off the content of the image. Not every image should be edited in the same manor, every image has its own story to tell. It took a long time for photography to be accepted as an art media. Now it is the primary media we see, with the digital age most believe they are a photographer, not knowing the fundamentals of the craft. Personally in any area I feel as though there is always more too learn. For the sake of authenticity I know I have far more to learn, skills to perfect, goals to reach. No matter what field, if you have a goal there will always be people you look up too, which is good!! Those are the people that push us to keep learning and accomplish each goal.


The best competition you’ll ever have, is yourself if you have passion and drive.

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