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What Lies Ahead for 2023

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The 2023 clusterfuc calendar is in the making! I will be doing pre-orders again, with the intention of being able to get them delivered to customers by Hanukkah and Christmas. Calendars will be $40 + shipping. The calendars will be like last year where at the end of the year you can keep it hung up and will be a poster of candids, so you can always see your homies goofy and happy. Calendar pre-orders are due 12/2/2022. If you want to order prints or apparel for the holidays, I encourage doing this sooner than later to get them in time. For prints contact me directly, apparel is available on the website.

I had people throughout the season asking for the link to the drift schedule that I put together for 2022, which was absolutely awesome. Since so many of you used it and made it feel worth creating, I will be doing it again for the 2023 season! As schedules come out, if you don’t already see events on the schedule please send them to me, tag me, or whatever. For event organizers, this can be a good tool to ensure you don’t overlap your event with another local event. Link is below for the schedule.

Creating clusterfuc has already led to so many places I’d never thought possible, and opportunities I literally couldn’t even imagine in the last three years. For 2023, I am going to focus more heavily on shooting competitions, as opposed to regular drift days. I feel this will push me to ultimately become a better photographer, and expand my reach as a business. Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys too much to completely miss out on regular drift days though! If you would like dedicated media coverage at any event, please contact me for pricing.

Thank you to everyone that supports me; every purchase, like, share, comment, I see them and I appreciate all of you more than you can even know. On days I can't find motivation, you are the ones that keep me going.

Lots of love,


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