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Drift Events 2023

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

If you're looking for drift events, check out the link below. Nationwide events, mainly drift, but also anything that looks not lame with motorsports. Google is dumb and won't save the filter feature, so re-add it to make your life easier if your looking for something specific. Check for updates.

Putting this together does take quite a bit of time, don't worry all of you are worth it, as of January, 23rd there are 38 schedules in that spreadsheet. But, if you happen to be wondering how you can show some support for clusterfuc doing this, simply liking the posts on social media, and sharing. Cost's nothing, is more helpful than you think and I do notice. <3 Or you can always go over to the merch section here on the website and get yourself some swag.

This schedule is for all of you, go out and drive, spectate, support your friends. A clusterfuc calendar will be coming out closer to start of the drift season (March-ish). If you are interested in hiring CF Media for coverage of an event you plan on driving, contact me for more information and to book now.

Don't see events on the schedule you know are happening? Send it on over and I'll add it.

Lots of Love,


ps- work on your fucking car.

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